Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kyoto: Tennin-ji and Yasui-Konpiragu

I saw a picture of this roof on pintrest and put it on my list of places to see. This gorgeous roof of the Kennin-ji was done for it's 500th anniversary by the artist Junsaku Koizumi. It was inspired by the air dragons that are found on screens in the temple complex.
Air Dragons - Kennin-ji by girl from finito

There seems to have been a lot of serendipity in what I saw in Kyoto. I had a mental list but all of that seemed to fly out the window when I got there. By the last day I had remembered, at least, to go to Kennin-ji. I planned my route with my Exploring Kyoto book again and was so pleased when it lead me past Yasui-Konpiragu. 
Yasui-Konpiragu by girl from finito
Yasui-Konpiragu, a photo by girl from finito on Flickr.
I had read about this shrine before - it is another relationship shrine. You write your name and the other persons name on a paper, crawl through the little hole and stick it to the rock. If you go one way it makes a connection and if you go the other way it breaks the connection. Amazing! 日本は すごいね!

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