Sunday, November 30, 2008

latest project .... made with camel

yes that is right ... silk and camel yarn ..... it is positively yummy - so soft and cozy
this will be a neck warmer/cowl - so less bulky under my coat (i think this will be for me as it is so luxurious i can't resist it!!)

ps: in case you want some: Handmaiden Camelspin

Monday, November 10, 2008


Man my updates about our trip are pretty lackluster .. few and far between. Party I blame my sister. but that only can go so far as.. well... the first group of pictures were taken on my camera and it's my job to upload them.
This is the altar in Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal. Mom and I ducked in here after wandering around in the morning checking out old Montreal. It was one of the only days that was overcast and rainy. We were just so lucky.

Expo 67 site, originally uploaded by girl from finito.

We also did a little wander down by the waterfront and checked out the old expo site. I think the last time my dad was in Montreal he as attending Expo 67... Crazy!

also on a side note... found Montreal's Trudeau airport highly confusing and the airport shuttle very vexing.