Saturday, May 26, 2007

big[head] hi

patrick sent me this hello from (as he calls them) "the big heads". so my blythes say hi to you too

this one is a bit scarier ..... not sure what i think ....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

old blog archived

my old blog is here.

new blog, new blog (move down, move down)

as my sis has already blogged... there seems to be some changes occurring at our old blog hosting site so the blog is moving.. moving here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

bamboo tape

so here is my new project .... (Blouson from IK Summer 07) well kind of - i'm adapting it - knitting it at a larger gauge and changing up the neckline and sleeve length.

this is the "wool" i'm using:
rowan bamboo tape (in amethyst)

anyway i'm getting there - already 3 balls in and about 10 inches up from the bottom!

new blog...

well is no more - it is where i've been posting for the last year and more. guess its been taken over by LiveDigital - anyway my old blog has been moved over there .... and while i could just keep blogging there - i don't know .... LiveDigital creeps me out a bit (people keep leaving random messages and asking for 'connections' - guess it is based on myspace - anyway seem to be alot of adult content there lets say) so think i'll steer clear thank you very much

but here is the link none-the-less