Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympics - Curling

Curling! I love curling!

This is a shot from the first of 3 curling games my family attended during the olympics... The 2nd page is Team Canada (Martin's rink) playing Team Sweden. (Norway is right beside them).
Later I will upload some video of the practice runs from this game.

Also congratulations to Team Martin and Team Bernard for excellent showings at the games (gold and silver respectivly).

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Olympics - Vancouver

Two years ago tickets for the Vancouver olympics went on sale. My family was lucky enough to get a few and made plans to attend. It feels like I have been planning on this forever, and giving people the most advanced notice I have ever given.
Mary and I found a place to rent in the west end - close to downtown and arranged extra event tickets.
Vancouver was amazing. It was like April or May. Trees and flowers blooming and warm enough to just wear a light coat.

It really was magical to be there and to be there with my family.
In the next few days I plan on putting together my photos from the trip but for now here is some early spring.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Taking advantage of Beaconsfieldville

I must admit, I love living where I live. My neighbourhood is full of cafes and bars and art galleries. On any given night there is a plethora of things to do. I don't often take advantage of this-even when I know my house is around the corner and if I'm bored I can easily go home. Thankful (luckily? covienently? serendipitously?) my good friend Connie now works across the street from my apartment, so we can attend events together.

Last Friday we attended Powerpoint Karaoke.

What is Powerpoint karaoke you ask... Well basically it's where people improv speaches to match a series of PowerPoint slides they have never seen.

Overall analysis: funtimes!
On closer inspection: these things are better when they are less self-aware... Too much irony and too many hipsters (of which I would probably have to count myself).
I would have enjoyed more random slides.. Though I really did love the talk on grammar.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Freelancing, freelancing, freelancing

Lungs, originally uploaded by girl from finito.
Man! I was busy at the end of last year. It was good, flexing the little drawing muscle I have but it was a bit much.. a lot of running around trying to meet deadlines.
All in all I'm pretty pleased with what I accomplished.
The above shot is a a surfactant secreting cell that I drew as part of an illustration of the inner workings of the lung during development. I was nervous about the comic style but I think it turned out quite well.

The action of Warfarin, originally uploaded by girl from finito.
I also worked on a method of action illustration which was fun.. I kinda channeled the text books form my biochemistry days.

Finally I got to do some work for Mary. These last two are kids guides for upcoming shows.
The one above is so cool - an exhibit of the original painting Ted Harrison did for the Cremation of Sam McGee and the Shooting of Dan McGrew... it's on in West Vancouver from Feb 9 to March 5th at the Ferry Building Gallery

this is from the front and back cover -- the dude is supposed to be Robert Service.

The one below is a paper doll illustrating some different outfits of the native people of the north...
This one accompanies an exhibit of Dolls for the Cultural Olympiad in Vancouver..

It was fun not having to be so strict with proportion and scale.. and the clothing is just so pretty...
also I am now skilled at drawing fur.. kinda