Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have started Japanese lessons and have finally advanced to the stage of writing journal entries. I'm pretty excited about it. My sentences are still quite basic but I thought I'd share some of it anyways.
Last week I wrote this:

This morning I listened to the radio at home.
:: image :: 
me: good morning... 
This afternoon Tabby bought coffee at the coffee shop.
This evening I watched tv at home. 

I washed my jeans this morning.
This afternoon at home I read a book.
Mary and I talked this evening. 
:: image :: 
arrow: older sister 

Here are some entries from this week.

Speech bubble: Good evening Mr. Masa!

This evening I bought tickets at the station. I am taking the bus home.
:: images :: 
me: good evening 
arrow: is this a zombie?

This morning I read the paper. I am going to the hospital.
This afternoon Tabby is going to the bank. I am going to eat my bento.
Holly took a car to come to the cafe. Holly and I are chatting.
:: images :: 
light hair: Tabby 
dark hair: Holly

this post was originally written before the earthquake and subsequent disasters in Japan. I've been sitting on it for a week now waiting on events and the thought of taking better pictures.. wondering what to append to the post.
my heart goes out to all the people in Japan and those with family and close friends there. They are in my thoughts and prayers. My friends in Japan as well as the friends and families of my Japanese teachers and classmates are all safe. For that I am really thankful.
There are lots of ways to help and I would encourage people to think about making a donation to an aid organization working there. Many creative people are pitching in... Hello Sandwich is selling her gift wrapping zine with all proceeds going to the Japanese red cross and there are raffles here and here benefitting the same cause. Two of my favorite web art dealers are raising funds 20x200 and tiny showcase have amazing prints and there are a slew of other artists doing the same.
If you want to donate directly to a charity I would encourage you to read this article and research a charity to give to (granted this is from the US but most of what they say is applicable to us).

[better pictures to come]

Saturday, March 12, 2011


so I'm not sure about posting this - as I'm likely the only one excited about the fact we got to pick out our granite for our countertops. But have a look ...isn't it great?!