Friday, July 18, 2008

summer sun

found this great little animation that shows our summer light
our days are getting shorter now but as much as might lament up here we still have lots of light at 11 pm and frankly it is just dusky at midnight. then around 2-3am it is getting light again.
it is funny how you never really know what time it by just looking outside ...


  1. Very cool, I like the animation. That was one thingI found strange about Tiawan, the length of days was only an hour or so different from the middle of summer to winter. Dark at 7pm in the summer, just felt odd. You're at the other extreme now I suppose.

  2. agreed! thats what i found odd in taiwan too - 6 or 7pm and it is dark, and hardly any twilight: full on sun then it is dark.