Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Fever

I'm not a big sports fan. My days watching sports are confined to the big competitions: The Stanley Cup, the Grey Cup, the euro/ world cup and the odd Calgary v. Vancouver/Edmonton game and for those I generally head out to a pub and enjoy the game surrounded by like-minded people. But man, the Olympics, there's something different. I scan the morning paper for highlights, watch recaps and read blogs on my computer, listen to the rankings on the radio and have ruined my sleeping pattern to watch them on tv. alone. on my couch.

So what is different?it's defiantly easier to get into the events when your country and pride is at stake. Then there is the hint of connection: I obsessively watched the triathlon remembering the Simon Witfield plaque outside the running room store near my old place in Victoria. I used to pass it on my way to get groceries and think about that race in 2000. yep. i did.

but the weird thing is I'll watch the Olympics when Canada isn't even in contention. I pick teams or athletes I want to win and root for them or just enjoy the show these people put on.

This Olympics I've been all about the equestrian (haha yes I like the horses). I would probably change the channel if it was any other competition but these days I've been wondering why I don't get "bold" (the cbc channel that is showing the jumping). I watched the recaps on my computer at lunch - too amazing.
Go Canada!

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