Friday, January 18, 2008

on the set of star trek

on the star trek set, originally uploaded by girl from finito.
so I've been waiting a little while to start this post because.. well I don't really know how to start it.
my plan is to chronologically go through my trip to Cuba -- but the first thing we did was go to an all inclusive.. and it was the boring part of the trip.
This is the best photo of the hotel we stayed at... the Blau. It's a giant monster of a building sticking out above the tree line... the inside filled with "cascading vines".. a total look of an abandoned cardassian outpost ("a what?" you ask .. i respond: "never mind").

looking down at the bar
The Blau was filled with vacationing 1st year undergraduate students and vacationing families all embarrassingly from Canada. Karen and I were a little misplaced. But despite the horror of an all inclusive it was a funny building with a lot of bars. Actually drinking was about the only activity offered 24 hours. The food was beautifully presented but terrible.
Blau became a synonym for an overly pretentious presentation of sub-par goods; equally relevant for the food, the hotel and for some of the reading materials we had there.
The saving grace was the ocean and beach both of which were amazing testaments to nature. (pictures below)
We spent new years here.. salsa-ing the night away and recovering the next day. After that we packed our stuff and headed to Havana (yea!)

the beach at sunset
the beach huts at night

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