Monday, January 28, 2008

The bike trip begins

Vale de Vinales, originally uploaded by girl from finito.
After a few daysin Habana we started a bike tour of the Pinar Del Rio province. Pinar del Rio province is just north west of Havana and is one of the best tobacco growing regions of the country. It is known for it’s beautiful scenery and pincushion mountains. (The mountains were formed from a high bed of limestone that was eroded underneath by the sea and then collapsed.)
La Palma - Our BikesThere were 12 of us on the bike tour with a Cuban guide and bus driver. The rest of the group was mainly from Australia with a few others from England and Canada. The first day of the tour I almost crashed on the gravel traveling down too quickly on the steep mountain roads, not such a good start but that was the only near miss minus one. The fist night out we headed to a Salsa club in Vinales. It was great, another live band, lots of dancing and lots of mojitos!

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