Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bike Trip Day 3 ... Las Terrazas

Last stop, originally uploaded by girl from finito.
By the third day we all though we were insane but the cycle trip, though longer (about 65 km), it was an easier cycle from Vinales to San Diego and then we bussed to Las Terrazas. Las Terrazas is a project set up by Castro of sustainable rural economy based on the rational use of its natural resources for tourism. The buildings were designed to blend with their surroundings. Many of the people that live there are farmers whose fields are located a short distance away and others are artists. Before checking into the hotel we went swimming in the natural waterfalls at Banyos de San Juan. The pools and waterfalls was used as a spa when the Spanish first came to the island. There is only one hotel in the city and it was gorgeous.
Las Terrazas... from the Hotel Lobby
The Hotel Moka was 4 star and deservedly so. We ate that night at a converted coffee plantation on the top of a nearby mountain.

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