Monday, October 15, 2007

wool woes

i'm almost done knitting my tomten sweater but gaah! i don't enough to finish the sleeve .... i bought the last 4 skeins of cute variegated wool (Lorna's Laces Bullfrogs and Butterflies Multi) on sale at the Knit Cafe with Willa, and figured i had plenty. no no no
I don't really feel have the time to search online for the dye lot etc .. so am going to the local wool shop today in hopes i can find a solid colour to finish it off with - wish me luck


  1. i don't EVER like variegated yarn. except this time. that yellow and blue is ddivine! i'm going over to ravelry to look up the pattern.

  2. thanks you guys - i'm almost done - didn't find a solid colour as i had hoped - but did find a cute semisolid from manos